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THE STENTORIANS are proud of its organization and vow to "KEEP THE FIRE BURNING FOR JUSTICE"


The Stentorians organization was founded in 1954, by African American Fire fighters of the Los Angeles City and Los Angeles County Fire Departments. Their purpose was to combat the racism and blatant bigotry that prevented African-American from joining and advancing in the fire service. The Stentorians fought to make the fire service a profession of equality and opportunity for all.


 Our organization remains a strong force in the struggle for justice and equality in the fire service today and always! To better serve the diverse needs of its members; the Stentorians organization restructured in 1990, forming two chapters; The Los Angeles County Stentorians and the Los Angeles City Stentorians.



Today, the Los Angeles City Stentorians membership consists of more than 300 AFRICAN-AMERICAN men and women Firefighters and paramedics throughout Los Angeles.  The Stentorians also belong to the International Association of Black Professional Fire fighters, a national organization promoting equality for the fire service nationwide. The Stentorians function as an incorporated non-profit, community based organization for African-American Firefighters and paramedics and their families.

Many of the traditions that started over thirty years ago continue today, including  "Mentoring to Youth in the Community", "General Community Outreach", "Career Counseling", "Career Enhancement”, “Upward Mobility", and "Labor Relations." Our members also serve as big brothers and big sisters for the Gwen Bolden Foundation. Through our involvement in the school system, the Foundation and the Stentorians have been able to offer community youth a viable alternative to the growing issues surrounding societal issues of gangs and drugs.


The Stentorians have progressed and prospered over the years, becoming a well noted and respected organization in the community. Since our beginning, the Stentorians have assisted hundreds of individuals interested in a career in the fire service and have promoted awareness of a need for upward mobility of Stentorian members into leadership positions. This goal is being achieved through implementation of an "Entry-Level Firefighter Program" and "Career Enhancement” Programs. Included in these programs are various seminars presented to fire service individuals and community organizations and groups. The Stentorians maintain its offices and training facility at the (Old Station 46), one of the FIRST fire stations integrated by the Los Angeles City Fire Department.

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